Santa Fools My In-Laws


Merry Christmas Everyone!

One of my favorite Christmas stories is the year that Santa fooled my husband’s siblings.

The first year that my Mom & Dad were divorced, my Dad was at loose ends on Christmas Eve.  I usually spent it at my in-laws house and he was reluctant to join us there.  He came up with the idea instead of playing Santa.  My husband had siblings who were much younger, young enough to still believe in Santa.  Or so we thought until many years later.

My father-in-law loved the idea!  He gave me a stack of presents for Santa to give out and my Dad gave me money to buy more gifts as well.  At the appointed time on Christmas Eve, Santa appeared at my in-laws house with a sack full of presents.  The youngest siblings were just flabbergasted that Santa made a personal appearance and my father loved it.

There was a lot of fun that night, but the most fun came over a decade later, once again on Christmas Eve at my in-laws.  The little kids were in bed and the adults were around the kitchen table and the old stories came out.  One of my younger sister-in-laws brought up about the year that Santa came to visit.

It turns out she no longer believed in Santa the year he visited – she knew he was the neighbor next door.  No doubts about it. . . until Santa showed up that night and it wasn’t the next door neighbor.  She didn’t know who he was, none of the other siblings knew who he was, and in the end, she decided it had to be Santa.  She believed in Santa for a few more years, but all those years later she still didn’t know who it was that night.

My father-in-law and I had no idea that had happened to her.  We looked at her, look at each other, and started laughing.  Oh did we laugh and laugh, before finally admitting to who it was and how it happened.  Thankfully she laughed too and it became another family story for us.

As for this year, we’re playing with puppies and visiting with friends.  Notice that my daughter’s hand has been engulfed by a crocodile in the leaves!

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