Shoes So Not Interesting

My favorite boy toy bought me a new Canon G12 point and shoot camera for my book bag.  So what did I accidentally snap as I was playing with it?  Yep, the gym shoes on my little feet.  So hilarious – not something I would have ever taken a picture of on my own!  Thankfully I’d vacuumed the floor a little earlier, so it’s not overly dirty for a goofing around picture.

Unfortunately, I’m not overly impressed with the camera.  If that doesn’t improve with some more test photos, it will be going back.

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Word for tomorrow – BLIND.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.


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  1. Yahoo, this tech challenged old lady was finally able to figure out how to sign up for word so we can again make comments. Jaimie is very pleased! :) She likes silly photos and thought this one of your shoes was very funny. And your shoes were even wore her favorite color! How much better can you get!

    • I was going to send you a note next week to see if you were having problems signing up. I’m glad you got it going again. Hopefully Jaimie saw the dog pictures she missed this last week.

    • It probably is more complicated, but with the daily photo challenge I’ve gotten much better at using my Canon Rebel and the G12 is actually not advanced enough for me. My old Canon Pro1 has better bells & whistles, which is disappointing.

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