Transmits His Voice Everywhere

My little cat dog loves to bark.  It’s so frustrating how he can go from sleeping to instant on.  And when he barks, his voice transmits everywhere.

We cleaned out carpets the other day and stacked up the dog beds in the kitchen.  It was the perfect place for him to sleep, bouncing up to let the world know that he was there and not to be trifled with!

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  1. It’s “little dog syndrome.” I bark, therefore I am. They are wired to sound off at the least provocation aren’t they? Ah, but we love them don’t we? ~ Lynda

    • It’s hard to not love him when that little nubby tails goes like a rotor. It’s a good thing God makes them cute though for days like this when they won’t stop barking.

    • No problem. . . I deleted the other reply that had the single letter. My cell phone does that to me too. But yeah, I’m always surprised at how fast they turn on.

      Did you see my reply under your mother’s pictures?

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