Training Needs Practice Too


I’ve been discussing with my favorite boy toy about learning Photoshop CS next year.  I use Photoshop Elements 9 for basic repairs and tweaks to my photos, but as I get more advanced, its limitations become more apparent.

I’ve improved my skills in Elements, but my concern with using CS is that I can do all the training I want, but if I don’t practice it consistently, I doubt I’ll remember much for the few times that I use it.

It’s like this at work too.  I use an advanced software package for tax return preparation.  It’s the top in its field, but it’s not very easy to use.  That doesn’t bother me, as I use it nearly every day.  If I can learn Corptax, I can learn CS – that doesn’t bother me – it’s retaining it that I have issues with.

So I’m still considering how much more Photoshop skills I want to spend my time in training.  Here’s an example of something I improved with Photoshop.  Because I was so close to the building, it had way too much curve in the lines (keystone effect).  The lights were a little too light and the darks a little too dark, all of which were corrected with simple commands.

This was something else I improved in Photoshop.  The fence was way curved, and again the darks too dark and the lights too light.  I also dialed up the detail to make the bricks more noticeable.  Nothing major, but enough to improve it nicely.

Today’s photo was taken earlier this year.  The photo itself was pretty blah, but I used it to experiment with changes in Photoshop.  This one is tad bit creepy, but much more interesting than how it looked without adjustment.

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