Provoking Thoughts About Christmas

A few days ago, I made up a list of some of my thoughts about Christmas.  The big one was how behind I was, which I remedied last weekend by settling down and finishing gifts that I was making and ordering things that needed to be ordered.

But the rest of my list is less about action and more about how I feel about Christmas.  I share them with you for your own provoking thought and insight, hoping it helps you to identify your own thoughts about the holiday.  Like me, you’ll either want to change your thoughts, accept a new reality (and live with it without whining), or continue to ponder what or if something needs change.

The reason for the season doesn’t do it for me anymore.  It’s become another day like any other.  It seems like yesterday I was putting away the decorations and grumping at the Starbucks counter that it couldn’t already be another New Year.  I love reading the Bible passages of prophecy about Jesus birth, but these days, I spend less time contemplating why Christmas is here and more time exploring what the Bible is telling me that I can apply today.

Christmas rituals are important but change with the seasons.  I’m not sure if I envy families with small children or not.  I don’t miss all the hoopla that’s expected to be a good Mommy, but I miss the wonder that small children have for the mystery and glitz of Christmas.

I enjoyed making cookies with my daughter when she was little.  We’re too far away, too busy, and too weight conscious to make cookies together anymore.  That’s okay.  Some years I make a few batches to take to her, other years I don’t.

I’ve received comments about how I shouldn’t have to always be the one traveling for the holidays.  Well, if I did that, I wouldn’t see my daughter.  This is my reality.  She can’t travel but her Dad and I can.  She loves to decorate, so I get to enjoy her tree and lights and I put up less for myself.

2010 Simplified Decorations

However, the glitter and glitz is fun.  I don’t need a small child to enjoy it for myself.  It is somewhat less fun though to not have a cat nose with glitter stuck to it, but not enough to get another cat.  Thankfully many of my neighbors have put up extensive decorations and I get a great view each night when I come home.

Music makes it festive.  I love Christmas music and can’t wait for the radio to start playing it 24/7.  Yes, I’m one of those.  I’ll listen to Christmas music well into January.  It makes me feel good, I love the words, and I love the emotions it brings.  I could though get a little less teary when Auld Lang Syne plays.

My favorite Christmas song?  Christmas in Nebraska by Mulberry Lane.  It was popular the Christmas the my favorite boy toy and I lived apart during a job change.  I listened to it over and over as I drove back to Omaha every other weekend to see him.  The places in the song were familiar to both of us.  Here’s a piece of trivia – the gal who cuts my hair is from Nebraska.  And we’re not her only customer from her home state!

Giving & receiving gifts is way overrated.  It’s hard buying gifts when most everyone can afford what they want.  It’s also hard finding time to buy, wrap, and ship when everyone is out of state.  This is why I’m making more and more gifts, and worrying less about whether I spent enough.

I’m sure I could add to this list and I might, but this is it for now.  Have a good week.  I’m still getting over my cold and am just tired all the time.

Word for tomorrow – ORIGINATE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.