Clear Trees Gave Visibility

I’m so thankful that our miniature pinscher was inside snoozing when this visitor came by.  The trees are clear of leaves, so there was good visibility to see that the tree suddenly acquired something additional.  The hawk was big, so it’s probably a female redtail in winter plumage.

It was facing our neighbor’s yard until it heard my camera, so I can’t be sure if it was hunting rabbits (of which our neighbor has plenty) or if it was hunting a miniature pinscher.  Earlier this summer we had to keep him locked up because there were an unusual amount of activity over our yard from a pair of hawks who were living in our subdivision.

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  1. I worry about our little dog and all the airborne predators too. Although I think he is too big for a hawk. I don’t know if the owls realize how small he is under all his fluffy hair.

  2. I had trouble last winter with one of these flying terrors of the sky. There is nothing so surprising, nor tragic, as coming out the back door to see a raptor under the chicken coop calmly eating your little fluffy chicken… Glad you’re watching out for your little dog!

    ~ Lynda

    You can read about it here, not gory, nor any scary pictures. I promise!

    • Thanks for those links – wow, was that something. It was purely God’s blessing that our min pin was not outside when the hawk came. It was so nice outside, my little cat-dog could have easily been outside sunning on the deck when the hawk came swoping down.

  3. Omg, your hawk looks just like a pair that have been living on our property for a looong time. There are no rabbits on our acre but lots of squirrels; they must be after them.

    • I sent the picture to my neighbor and she said the same thing, that she thinks they were after the squirrels. Although we do have a lot of rabbits too. The beagle trapped one under the deck just a couple of weeks ago. Do you know how LOUD beagles are when the chase is afoot?

  4. Great photo. I got a picture of a hawk with its head turned, and took it to my doctor and told him I needed him to fix my head so it would turn (I’ve had neck issues for some time now). We had a good laugh. It is much easier to see who’s visiting when the foliage is gone.

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