Thwarted Writer Does Blogging (Why I Do This)


Over at her blog, Random Thoughts From Midlife, Christine Grote has posed the question why do you write a blog?

I’ve been a thwarted writer for years.  Blogging is an outlet for my creative expression.

I’m not sure about keeping this section in – it’s a little long, but I’d like to share it.  If you don’t want the long answer, skip down to the lines below this:

I’d love to make a living writing – any kind of writing.  Early in my career, I tried to switch from taxes to communications, but I didn’t have the education or experience for it.  As much as writing appeals to me, I can’t just quit to do it.  My favorite boy toy is a fine art photographer and one of us has to have a reliable paycheck!

I could write part-time on the side, but I didn’t want to spend hours sequestered from my family to write, go through the hoops of being published, and for what?  No money, no glory, begging a publisher to print my book?  My family relationships were a higher priority.  My job took enough of my time and attention away from them.

I have published from my journals before.  When The Diarist’s Journal was still published quarterly (early 1990’s), I was printed nearly every quarter.  I wrote in Live Journal, an on-line predecessor to WordPress and Blogspot.  I was unable to generate any traffic and to be honest, a lot of the other bloggers seemed to be immature teenagers whose favorite word started with an “f”.  There were some good blogs out there, but not enough of them.

So I kept writing, but kept it to myself.  My journals have pages and pages of discoveries and observations, recording of my various adventures, and memories of my life.  But it was frustrating to not share it with anybody.

I’ve loved reading blogs for quite a while.  I read them for all kinds of reasons, from educational about topics such as cooking, homesteading, and blogging to supporting authors that I like  such as Jon Katz and Kathy Harrison.  Some blogs are just fun to read.  And now, I have blogs I follow because I’ve made new friends in blogosphere, including KittyHere who has been doing this daily challenge since the beginning of the year.

My goal earlier this year was to write, write, write.  I’d thought of trying a blog again – there are so many good ones out there! – and I wanted my thoughts to see the light of day.

So I hang in there every day, even when I don’t feel like doing the word of the day, even when I don’t know HOW I’m going to use the word of the day, even when I don’t want to spend more time at the computer after being at work all day.  Because it’s worth it to share my thoughts, get the feedback, hearing from my friends (old and new), and bringing joy to those around me.

Each time I think of skipping a night, I think a) Kitty will be posting and I have to keep up; b) my Mom will miss it; c) my girlfriend’s daughter, Jaimie, will be looking for more dog pictures; d) it greatly amuses everyone to see how I use today’s word and e) if I want to write, I need to write.  And so I write.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and especially to those who leave comments or click the like button.  You’re the greatest!

Of course, not everyone feels thwarted.  Some are downright pampered and spend their naptime in front of the fire, roasting their little body.

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