Tender Moments


This weekend has had a lot of tender moments.

Here’s the cook of the excellent meal we had for Thanksgiving.  Her and I went shopping on Saturday (her Dad stayed home nursing a bad back) and it was fun getting some new clothes for her.  She takes such good care of us when we come to visit and makes us feel very special in her life, which (of course), we are.  As she is in ours.

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Here’s my favorite boy toy with a friend who has been coming over to spend holidays with us for a while.  He brought his girlfriend and her children with, the first time we’d met them.

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This guy has a new name – huggy bear.  Nothing like 120+ pounds of love leaning into you, wanting to be petted.

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This one wants to sit in your lap so you can tell her how much you love her.  Thankfully her breath isn’t too bad for a dog.

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Did we do anything overly special?  No.  We enjoyed each other’s company, relaxed, told lots of stories, did a little shopping, and watched some movies.

I so enjoy visiting with our daughter.  Not every memory has to be special – what’s special is simply being together and spending time with each other before we go back to our regular lives.  It’s special to just visit about the ordinary things of life – jobs, cars, home repairs, and the upcoming holidays.  To simply be part of each other’s life for a few short days.

Word for tomorrow – INTELLIGENCE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.