Feeling Thick Textures


I love to feel textures – thick ones, thin ones, nubby ones, silky ones – I love to feel them all.  That was one of things I really enjoyed about sewing my own clothes was feeling all the textures as I worked.

I haven’t sown for years, but I still enjoy feeling textures.  I’m very tactile.  I love handling my glass paperweights and wooden bowls.  When I compliment someone at work for a nice sweater, I can’t resist touching their arm and feeling it for myself.  And going through the stores, I like to brush the clothes as I go by the racks to feel the fabrics.

My sister and I both made the dresses we’re wearing in this Christmas picture.  Hers was a linen type fabric, but mine was a thick red velvet with thin lacey sleeves.  I’m not much of a shoe person, but I was thrilled to have those matching red shoes with their big bows.

Have a good weekend!  The weather in central Virginia is sunny and in the 50’s.  I even sat outside in the sun for a short while to read this afternoon as the dogs went wild in the yard.

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