Less And Less Days to Winter

I’d noticed a few weeks ago how very fat the squirrels were looking.  Their coats are thick and their tails even thicker.  While driving around Northern Virginia, my favorite boy toy and I commented repeatedly at the thick coats on the horses and cows that we saw.

All of which I think may be adding up to a bad winter.  The animals look like what I’d expect in the Midwest, not the mid-Atlantic.

For us, we’re digging out the winter coats, the long-sleeved shirts, the hats and gloves.  I’ve been listening to Christmas carols on the cable channel, buying Christmas presents, and looking forward to seeing our daughter for Thanksgiving.  It’s less and less days left to winter and the holidays.  The animals are getting ready for it and I need to pick up the pace to be ready as well.

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Word for tomorrow – DETECT.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.


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  1. You know, my husband told me he heard it was going to be a bad winter. I said maybe it’s because of the wooly worms. Isn’t there something about wooly worms?

    And how did we humans get left out of nature’s message to prepare? Do we grow thicker skin? More layers of fat? (please, no).

  2. I was noticing the large number of pine cones on a tree today, and wondered the same thing, if it was telling of the kind of winter to come. I hope it isn’t as wintry as last winter! lol

    • I hadn’t noticed that on my own pine trees, mostly because the pine cones are so high up. That’s a great observation though – we’ll have to compare notes next spring and see.

  3. If fat is going to be needed for this winter then I ready!

    I am holding off on the Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, or maybe until December 1st. I’m not Scourge, I just had to start Christmas music with kids right after Halloween for so many years that being able to hold off until nearer the season is a treat for me now.

    • If fat is what’s needed, I’m ready too! It’s been weird playing Christmas music when it’s still so nice out. Next weekend I want to put out Christmas decorations as it doesn’t work to wait until we come back from Thanksgiving. It’s all an experiment. I might change my mind about doing it this way, but it’s fun to at least try it out.

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