Riot of Color

Apparently I didn’t get enough of the fall colors from earlier this week.  Yesterday I went both to our local park and the botanical gardens.  The trees are a riot of colors in central Virginia and although the air was cool, I had a great time walking all morning and taking pictures.

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Word for tomorrow – LESS.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

Nature Virginia

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  1. Coming from California the state with only two seasons winter and springsummerfall I am not even close to being tired of all the fall colors!
    ~ Lynda

    • I’m from the Midwest and have had fall colors every year that it doesn’t rain or snow excessively – which seemed to be about half the time. I never get tired of watching the fall colors. When I first proposed going to West Virginia, my husband cautioned how hard it is to chase the fall colors. I DIDN’T CARE. I still wanted to chase them.

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