Sunk Costs = Skyline Wandering

As I was musing on how to use today’s word, I did a Google search and found the term, “sunk costs”, a term I have not used for a long, long time.  Wikitionary defines it as “a cost that has already been incurred and which cannot be recovered to any significant degree.”

Which explains perfectly why we did Skyline Drive on our way back from vacation.  We’d already stayed an extra night in Harper’s Ferry and I’d already taken an extra vacation day.  Those were sunk costs that would not be recovered.  There would be some new prospective cost – i.e., :”future costs that may be incurred or changed if an action is taken” – in other words, our gas and a few more meals out.

So we drove the Skyline Drive, taking eight hours to get home.  That included the time driving to it and from it, the time on it (3 hours due to the 35 mph speed limit), and pulling into every overlook to see the scenery.  We had a blast.  We’d not done it before and we now did the entire length of it.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words on the pictures.  I posted them for my staff who wanted to see the scenery and have been wonderfully surprised at everyone else who’s enjoyed them also.  This weekend I will get them onto Shutterfly and send out a link, in case you wanted to see them large size (this also by request of my staff at work).

Here are pictures from our day on Skyline Drive.  I was asked how to do the slideshows in WordPress.  This link will take you to the directions for it.  If you have trouble, leave me a comment and I’m happy to help you out.

Have a good weekend!

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Word for tomorrow – AIR.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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  1. What a lovely fall drive; and great photos. Hubby and I just returned from four days of respite in Saugatuck, MI. We really enjoyed our walks through town and along the shoreline, but didn’t get very many photos. :) Thanks for sharing yours!

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