Anniversary Celebration of Days


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For me, it’s way too easy to be oblivious to events around me.  Work, fatigue, stress, and inattentiveness all contribute to days flying by without me noticing them.

One of my goals for this year has been to reconsider my routines.  One of the routines I’ve experimented with is celebrating other anniversaries.

I’ve been with limited success on this – I’ve tried writing in my journal (first day of spring), having a moment of silence (9/11), just going outside and paying attention (first day of fall).  It’s been okay, but not memorable.  And I barely remembered to do what I intended or forgot it altogether (Memorial Day, first snowfall).

I miss the church celebrating some of these days – the patriotic hymns in early July, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day sermons, recognition of our military for Memorial Day, and songs of thankfulness at Thanksgiving.  A number of churches no longer even do Thanksgiving Day services, which I think is unfortunate.

For now, I’m creating a list of what I want to remember.  Next year, I’m considering putting together a photo album that includes a short write-up of the day – either what it meant to me, what I did on that day, it’s significance for the year.  I’m not sure that idea will work either, but I would like to notice more of my life and events, even the small ones.

Today’s picture was taken during my daily walk on a super special day.  It’s not the event itself, but it does help me remember what happened to make it a special day.

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