The Most Valuable Thing I Own

In my varied readings, the question was posed – what is the most valuable thing that you own?  Not the most valuable thing that you have, but that you own.

I think for me, the most valuable thing I own are my job skills.  I’d written recently about my grandfather urging the cousins to have good job skills and their protection against the misfortunes of life.

While it seems commonplace to me, working in a corporate environment, understanding how to make things happen, how to make friends, ask for help, and work the technology are transferable skills.  I would hope to stay employed a long time in my specialty field, but if I find I cannot, these skills should still help me to rise above the pack and find some sort of employment.

I own my skills.  I worked hard for them.  They are not something I could purchase.  I could purchase training, attend seminars, buy books.  But in the end, absorbing this information, using it, and knowing when to use it, were things I had to do for myself.

But the most valuable thing I have?  My relationships.  My family, friends, even my pets.  Their love and affections, needing me and wanting me, those are the most valuable things I have in my life.

Here’s a picture from a Christmas past, with my favorite boy toy and our child, my sister and her family, and my mother.  I’m so happy we put the camera on a tripod and amidst much laughter, took several tries to figure out before to get this wonderful day recorded.

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  1. So true! It sounds trite to put it that way, but it is! It isn’t the things in life that get you through it is the love and affection from those around you that sustain you.

    What a lovely picture! ~ Lynda

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