Chummy Playing Scrabble


My daughter and I love playing board games together.  This started when she was little and we’d play Hi-Ho Cheerio and Candyland.  Hint:  if you ever play Candyland with a small child, be sure to hide the card that sends them all the way back to the beginning.  Inevitably they will get it instead of you and there will be tears.  It’s not worth it.

As she got older, we graduated to harder games, from Payday to Monopoly to Scrabble.  It’s a great way to be chummy together – you can talk or not, and the chit chat can be light or serious.  I often found that if I could outlast her (around midnight or so), I’d start hearing the really good stuff.  It was worth being tired at work the next day!

Of course, these days she has to work too, so we don’t often stay up so late playing Scrabble.  As our relationship has evolved, I also don’t have to wait so long to hear the good stuff either.  We have a more solid and less judgmental relationship – going both ways – and we share a lot of things even without a board game between us.

Here I am waiting. . . waiting. . . waiting. . .

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