Companionship Provides Warmth

When Cat #2 was dying from cancer, I worried whether I would lose Cat #1 at the same time.  Cat #1 always had an above average need for companionship and I didn’t think he’d do well as an only cat.

Cat #2 was still somewhat healthy, so we brought home the kitten while there was time for everyone to acclimate.  That way, when Cat #2 died, Cat #1 wouldn’t be lonely.  Not surprisingly, the other two despised  him instantly.  However, the kitten came straight from his brothers and sisters and he craved the companionship and warmth of his litter and he was persistent in getting it back.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to decide that a pile of cats was the best way to sleep, and I got a number of pictures of them making a kitten sandwich.

Cat #2 is on the left and Cat #1 is on the right, ignoring me as I took more pictures.

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  1. Interesting. A god home. Whether intentional or not, it’s worth pondering how much we are used by Him to provide for others (those with any number of feet!)

    • That’s a good point – God uses us in many ways and not always just with people.  The pets do have a good home and are / were all well loved.  Thanks for noticing! 

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  2. there’s something sweet about sleeping pets…makes me feel good…having provided a god home…where they feel safe enough…to close their eyes…and doze off… :)

    • Not only are they sweet looking angels when they sleep, they also can’t be getting into another round of mischief.  Yes, they do feel safe and secure.  They even had their own chair and blanket to sleep on!

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  3. Your word for tomorrow “chummy” would have worked equally as well for this photograph. ;)

    Such a sweet story and adorable photo. ~ Lynda

    • Actually, I thought the same thing at the time.  I didn’t want to do two cat pictures in a row, but the Scrabble game worked out great for “chummy”.  The kitten sandwich is one of my favorite pictures of the three of them. 

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about cat2. Happy that the kitten pulled everybody together. Animals are great companions, for each other and for us.

    • Thanks Christine!  We got another 1.5 years after the cancer was found.  It gave me time to say goodbye and make my peace about it.  He was much healthier on the chemo and prednisone too – very energetic until nearly the end.    The pets are great companions.  I love having them around. 

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