Companionship Provides Warmth


When Cat #2 was dying from cancer, I worried whether I would lose Cat #1 at the same time.  Cat #1 always had an above average need for companionship and I didn’t think he’d do well as an only cat.

Cat #2 was still somewhat healthy, so we brought home the kitten while there was time for everyone to acclimate.  That way, when Cat #2 died, Cat #1 wouldn’t be lonely.  Not surprisingly, the other two despised  him instantly.  However, the kitten came straight from his brothers and sisters and he craved the companionship and warmth of his litter and he was persistent in getting it back.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to decide that a pile of cats was the best way to sleep, and I got a number of pictures of them making a kitten sandwich.

Cat #2 is on the left and Cat #1 is on the right, ignoring me as I took more pictures.

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