Plus Size Is What I Am


It’s not a big secret that I’m plus size and have been for years and years.  I exercise regularly, watch my diet, and am generally in good health.  I can’t seem to lose weight, but I can be healthy.

Years ago, a co-worker was struggling with her weight.  She made a memorable comment to me one time about how she wished she could be happy the way she looked and she envied that I was okay with my weight.  She meant it as a compliment, not a slam.  My response to her then is the same as it is now.

I wish I were thinner.  I would like to be thinner.  But I’m not going to wait on my life to lose weight.  My happiness does not depend on my weight.  My weight defines my physical appearance, but it doesn’t define the kind of life I want to have.  I don’t run, I can’t do all the yoga exercises that I see, and I hate stuffing myself into tiny airplane seats.  But I walk and hike regularly, I do quite a lot of yoga despite my weight, and I traveled regularly until flying got so nasty.  I might not be able to do everything I want, but I can usually figure out a way to do something that satisfies my need.

So enjoy your life!  Stop waiting for whatever to happen.  Tomorrow might be too late.  If you wait for everything to be perfect, you’ll never enjoy yourself.

Here’s my big plus-size-me showing off my plus-size summer squash two years ago.

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