12 thoughts on “Content Beagle

    1. He does. It’s funny how each dog has a different personality. The beagle doesn’t stress about anything, he just enjoys each moment as it comes.

      Thanks for coming by and visiting!

    1. He is such a happy dog.  I have a number of him “smiling”.  I have to send one to Bark Magazine at some point for their page on smiling dogs.

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    1. Actually, he doesn’t.  I don’t think it’s that comfortable for him.  He does it quite a bit, but doesn’t stay there very long.    They are funny – I get the best pictures from them (as do you with your little pooch). 

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  1. Jaimie is laughing at the silliness and would just love to roll around on the floor with your dog. She loves dogs and so far every dog she has met has allowed her a freedom beyond the norm. They seem to recognize that she is needs their protection even when she gets a bit rambunctious. :)

    1. When we were in Minneapolis, there was a group home across the street and one of the women was like Jaimie (from a head injury in a car accident).  Several times a month I took a dog over for her to pet and she just loved it.  I think you’re right that the dogs recognize when someone can’t control their actions any better.   I’m glad Jaimie liked the picture!   

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    1. People free to express their contentment could be a real joy to be around. . . or incredibly embarassing.  The dogs have no such shame though, especially the beagle.  They take life as they find it.  I wish I could be as content as he is. 

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