Sometimes I Buy Lunch At A Food Truck

I take my lunch to work most days.  This week I’m eating homemade lentil soup with some low-fat cheddar cheese and crackers.  This recipe from Cooking Light is great, but doesn’t usually have to bake as long as the recipe calls for (start checking at the 30 minute mark).

Sometimes though, I buy my lunch from my food truck as I’m out doing my walk.  Overall, the food I buy has been very good.  A nearby office building has low walls in front that are comfortable for sitting and it is relaxing to sit there with all the people enjoying an outdoor lunch.

I’d not been much of a fan of food trucks before, but several co-workers really liked them and I finally tried it.  A few of the trucks were only okay, but most are quite good.  The food is hot and fresh, and because the truck is so tiny, I can do a quick snoop to see if it looks clean enough for me.

Today I had chicken dumplings with a ginger-soy sauce and a sweet potato roll on the side (like sushi but with vegetables).  That plus a drink was less than $7, which is not a bad price for lunch.

Eating sometimes at the food trucks is fun.  There’s a variety, the food is fresh and fast, and I get a good 30+ minute walk, depending on how directly I go there.  I also get to sit outside and daydream, away from my desk as I eat.  It is a risk to eat there, as it is anytime I eat out, but it was worth it and I would recommend it.

I’d written before about taking risks and how they don’t have to all be big to be enjoyable.  This is one I’m glad I did.  Besides, it’s always fun to try something new.  I’d not have put this on a bucket list, but fun things don’t always have to be memorable.

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  1. food truck vendors are commonplace in hawaii…especially at beaches. some of my favorite food…was off of a truck…

    so happy you discovered this out of the way restaurant… :)

    • They’ve been common other places that I lived, I just never tried them before!  I’m running into people from work at the food trucks more and more. 

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    • It is a great way to spend my lunch!  Thanks for reminding me that this is more than just eating, it’s also about enjoying my life.  Great point. 

      >________________________________ >

  2. Ah the options of urban life. I hear hype about upscale food trucks but food trucks, upscale, or downscale, simply do not exist where I live. The closest thing would be the food vendors at the summer county fairs — definitely not upscale (say fried dough or bloomin’ onions). They appear for a week and then they are gone.

    • Yeah, the county fair doesn’t quite compare.  We’ve had food trucks in other towns we lived in, but I’ve never ever eaten at them before.  Now i wonder why not.  I should have at least tried them but was too chicken.  These are in the same place every day – if people get sick, the county can find them. 

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    • That’s a good point. It really helps my afternoon to take that break away from my desk plus getting some exercise as well. Thanks for the reminder and for visiting my blog!

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