Rake Leaves For Fun


One of the places we lived allowed leaves to be burned in the yards.  Our yard, while small, had a number of mature trees.  I enjoyed going out to rake the leaves and exercise in the cool air of fall.  We set aside a corner of the yard for burning the leaves; it was so satisfying to stand there, leaning on the rake, enjoying the heat of the fire and smelling the leaves burning.

I usually raked the leaves by myself, but when they started burning, my favorite toy boy and the child would stand around with me to enjoy this.  I probably should have insisted they raked with me, but I enjoyed the solitude of the yard and the mindless action of raking.

It’s hard to believe we are officially into fall.  Leaves are just starting to turn here, although peak colors are usually about four weeks away from now.   This picture is from upstate New York, which has gorgeous fall colors even though you can’t burn the leaves in your yard :)

Have a good weekend!

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