Shameful, Shameful Humor

My favorite boy toy has always had a sense of humor (at the end of this link, I told one of his jokes).  At the time I thought it was shameful that he acted that way, but all these years later it’s pretty funny to look at this Christmas picture from when we were newly married.  He’s improved and gotten more selective about his jokes and I’ve lightened up to appreciate them and laugh with him.

One of the great things about marrying young is that we’ve grown up together.  We’ve adjusted, improved each other, and synchronized our thought and actions.  He doesn’t criticize my lack of humor and I enjoy his more.  It’s a few of the ways we’ve been a good match.

This week has been another example of that – as I’m getting home from work later and later each night, he’s waited to eat supper with me even though he’d rather eat earlier.  He told me to take as along as I needed – it’s that time of the year and he would wait.  What a sweetie!

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Word for tomorrow – RAKE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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