Accomplice Is What I Want

Jean-Paul Sartre once said:

I have no need for good souls: an accomplice is what I wanted.

Saul Bellow added to that with:

When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice.

I’ve been posting here every day since February.  I’ve told stories and posted photos of my own accomplices and the accomplices of others, from my favorite boy toy to my sister to my dad and his brother.

They’re not the only accomplices.  My two older Siamese cats, #1 and #2, cooked up mischief left and right.  What one didn’t think of, the other did.  #1 could open anything up and #2 was always the first to go through and investigate.  My daughter’s zipped up gym bag was no contest in the game of who could snitch the best hair bands.  My husband threatened to put child locks on the kitchen cabinets to keep the cats out.  He was tired of having to close multiple doors each time he went in to get something.

I love having an accomplice.  It makes life so much more interesting and fun.  Like the cats, I find an accomplice helps me think of things I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, done or said.  An accomplice helps explain life to me when I’m frustrated or upset and shares in my joy when I’m happy.  It is with an accomplice that stories get created, the fun things we tell each other when visiting, the remembrances of how our affections got created in the first place.

Surprisingly, I did take pictures ten years ago of the cats in the kitchen cabinets.  Cat #1 (top) hooked his paws on the top of the cabinet door, then walked backwards until it opened.  Cat #2 (bottom) rushed in, preventing the door from closing.  They then had all the time they needed to see what was new.  If they didn’t like the selection, cat #1 would shimmy up and get into the kitchen drawer from the back side, extract whatever he saw to play with, and off they would go with a new toy to dunk in the water bowl.

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