Miniature Pinschers – Cat Dogs


Our miniature pinscher is so very tiny – not even seven pounds – weighing less than any of our cats and just slightly more than a bag of flour.

He’s just like the big dogs, but in miniature.  He’s just as jealous of whether someone is getting some he isn’t.  He loves his treats.  He loves a good chase, whether the squirrel in the yard or running along the fence to warn off someone walking in the street.  And it’s funny watching him lift his leg to cover up where a big dog peed.  He’s pretty good at hosing down the yard!

After the last cat died, I decided to not get another one.  Having three dogs is part of my reason and I wanted a break from cat litter and cat pans.  Plus, I have a cat dog.  He wants to be held, cuddled, and sleep on our laps.  He did not like sharing my lap and I did not appreciate him chasing the cat off.  That won’t change if I get another cat.

So I don’t need a cat for now – I have a cat dog who fills in just nicely and comes with an instant on button as well.  This pictures were only four apart from each other.

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