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Our miniature pinscher is so very tiny – not even seven pounds – weighing less than any of our cats and just slightly more than a bag of flour.

He’s just like the big dogs, but in miniature.  He’s just as jealous of whether someone is getting some he isn’t.  He loves his treats.  He loves a good chase, whether the squirrel in the yard or running along the fence to warn off someone walking in the street.  And it’s funny watching him lift his leg to cover up where a big dog peed.  He’s pretty good at hosing down the yard!

After the last cat died, I decided to not get another one.  Having three dogs is part of my reason and I wanted a break from cat litter and cat pans.  Plus, I have a cat dog.  He wants to be held, cuddled, and sleep on our laps.  He did not like sharing my lap and I did not appreciate him chasing the cat off.  That won’t change if I get another cat.

So I don’t need a cat for now – I have a cat dog who fills in just nicely and comes with an instant on button as well.  This pictures were only four apart from each other.

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Word for tomorrow – PLUNK.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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  1. He’s pretty cute for a furry beast! I live with a cat dog too. Her name is Eggnog, she weighs five pounds, and everyone thinks she’s simply ADORABLE. Ugh.

    • Cat dogs do think they’re pretty special. I get that about ours and he’s NOT a nice little dog. He’s also not a toy, which is part of the problem. Everyone wants to pick him up and hug him and it gets borderline abusive sometimes that people aren’t more gentle with him. As a result, I’m really careful who can touch him. He loves doggy daycare and does real good there with them handling him.

      • Very true. This may seem like a strange analogy, but it reminds me of how everybody wants to touch pregnant women’s bellies. No boundaries. I’m glad he’s had a good experience with doggy daycare. My cousin, a Bassett hound named Hazel, goes to one. She got in trouble for teaming up with a Boxer who would push treats off of the counter for her to eat! LOTS of treats.

        • My daughter is very pregnant and having a lot of trouble with that. I don’t think it bothers her as much as it did me. That’s a good analogy!

          Bad Hazel!!! Pretty smart though. Basset hounds are like beagles and can get fat really fast. She so didn’t need to help herself to all the treats!

  2. That’s a cute tiny little dog. I’veseen these come into Petsmart with their owners before. They look so fragile. Are you worried about hurting it accidentally?

    • I worry about it, although he’s pretty resilient.  He’s been stepped on (humans), fell down the stairs (big dog), bounced off the back of the chair (big dog), and trampled (big dog again).  He’s pretty good at getting out of the way, but accidents have happened and he’s never gotten hurt.  Which I’m glad for.

  3. Posts about your animals, past & present, are always favorites of mine. My cat is a mini herself. She never weighed more than 6lbs & in her old age we do well to keep her closer to 5lbs than 4lbs.

    I understand your cat liter, cat pan sentiments. This cat was my first indoor only cat. Using her liter boxes was never her strong suit & now she ignores them altogether. There will be new flooring in a good part of my home after my little cat goes to her next life. Meanwhile I’m keeping the makers of air fresheners & pet clean up products in business.

    • Your cat is such a cutie – I enjoy seeing her also.  We’re having the same problem with the dogs going inside.  We are considering replacing the carpets with some sort of composite flooring for easier clean up. 

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