Indispensable Is Beauty & Sunshine

I find beauty and sunshine to be indispensable in my life.  It bothers me to see the casually ugly – street signs blocking views, construction equipment in the way of everything, roads and sidewalks spray painted for utilities.  Seriously people – that stuff doens’t come back off again.  It’s not like the grass where it’ll grow out.

It’s hard for me when I walk around downtown.  There are so many beautiful things there, from the old and new buildings, the sculptures, the flowers and trees, even birds and bird nests.  But nearly all the views are marred with something that doesn’t belong there.  It makes what is beautiful into ugly and removes the graciousness from daily life.  I know this doesn’t bother everybody, but it bothers me a lot.

This beauty was taken at Williamsburg a few weeks ago.

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