Mellow Mushrooms

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The word “mellow” brings to mind a pizza parlor near my daughter called “Mellow Mushroom“.  The pizzas are very good and there are more toppings to choose from then just mushrooms :)

My favorite boy toy loves mushrooms.  He’ll eat them any way he can find them from fresh to canned to dried.  Me, I don’t like mushrooms.  I don’t like the flavor and I don’t like the texture.  I don’t mind a few dried mushrooms in stews to give some flavor, but other than that, no thanks.

Mushrooms are a European thing, so it’s funny that he likes them and I don’t.  I’m the granddaughter of an immigrant; he has no idea when his family came over or even when they’re from.  My grandfather used to get very frustrated that I not only disliked mushrooms, but wouldn’t even try them after a while.

With all the recent rain, we have a lot of mushrooms growing in our yard.  We don’t eat them – we have no idea if they are edible or not.  One of them could be characterized as “mellow” as it’s a common white mushroom with some brown flecks.  The other is definitely gross though and is known as an elegant stinkhorn.  It smells, attracts flies and is slimey.

Mushrooms are definitely a personal taste thing.  I don’t like them in food, but I find them fascinating to discover in our yard or the woods.

© 2011 dogear6 llc
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