Moved Fast With Toy

When I visited my daughter last month, she brought in two of the puppies to amuse us.  These little boogers moved fast!  I finally got my better camera out and put it on continuous shoot.  I clicked off several hundred shots in a short time and thankfully, there were some keepers of the whirling dervishes, such as this one of them scampering off with their toy.  Any resemblance to a sandal is purely coincidental.

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Word for tomorrow – STONE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.


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    • This puppies were some of the brattier ones she’s had in a while.  I think their owners are going to have their hands full trying to train these guys. 

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    • I bet she did!  I can’t post every day with something that has the movement that appeals to her, but I do try to keep that in mind since I know she looks forward to it so much. 

    • They were into everything.  They went after rags, socks, shoelaces, rugs, and nibbled toes.  We finally had to put them back in their pen because they got so obnoxious. 

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