Unwise To Take A Risk?


Along with her breeding mastiffs, my daughter has a Shar-Pei as a house pet.  The Shar-Pei is a medium size dog, weighing about 40 pounds.  When I was visiting, the dog tried a new trick of crawling under a very low coffee table.  The mastiffs couldn’t get to her, she could watch the family room, and she just liked it there.  I thought it was a bit unwise to risk getting stuck under the furniture like that, but I was wrong.

The Shar-Pei’s experiment is a metaphor for life.  She took a risk and it worked.  She enjoyed the outcome.  It was doable, although it certainly didn’t seem that way when she first started crawling under there.  I really thought we’d have to lift the table off to get her out, our intervention was not needed.  It wasn’t a big deal what she did, just a surprise to my daughter and I as we sat there.

Not every risk has to be a big one, not does every risk need a big payoff.  Sometimes you just try things because you can.  And hope that no one nips your butt because it’s hanging out there.

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