Preceding Weekend Work in Garden

I did a lot of work in the garden this preceding weekend.  Of my six pepper plants, four had almost no peppers and no new blossoms, so I pulled them out.  I also trimmed back a bunch of tomato branches that likewise had few blossoms and no tomatoes.
A few weeks back, I started rubbing off the new baby squashes.  I didn’t think there would be time to ripen them before the first frost and wanted the plants to ripen what was already growing.  Well, I missed a few and I have some pretty good size green striped butternut squash out there, ripening away.  Even with the ones that rotted on the vines or that I removed, we will have a good harvest of squash.

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Word for tomorrow – UNWISE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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