Excess Teeth Not An Issue

Our miniature pinscher went to the vet today for his annual exam.  After ferociously trying to rip the vet’s assistant apart, he was forcibly muzzled (all 6.5 pounds of him!) so he could have a blood draw, butt poke (checking for worms), and shots.

Worse yet, he got left behind to get his teeth cleaned.  And as happened every single year since we got him, he lost more teeth.  He doesn’t have a many left – the canine’s and a few others.  We soften his food already and we’ll have to use softer treats now.

He actually did start with an excess of teeth several years ago, way too many for such a tiny jaw.  But not any longer.  He doesn’t have enough now.

Of course, spending the day at the vet didn’t slow down him down from vigorously defending the yard from the boys playing next door.  Little boys who acted like they lived there and had every right to be in that yard.  How dare they!  Don’t they know that if he can see them, they need to go?

Here he is, all curled up like a cat and not like the ferocious defender of his household that I just described him to be.

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Word for tomorrow – ROOF.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.


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  1. Aww bless him! I’d probably have to be muzzled, too, if I had a human coming after me with needles and other sharp objects.

    This post reminded me of when I had to take my Yorkie for his check-ups and shots. He generally loved everyone, but hated the vet and had to get the muzzle treatment every visit.

    • He’s such a fierce little guy – it’s a good thing he’s so small and can’t actually really bite someone. After watching him in action, I can just imagine your Yorkie trying to take the vet on too.

      Thanks for the laugh!

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