Quits On The Spearmint


Shortly before going to Atlanta, my spearmint was dying in the center of the pot.  I found it odd that the heat would affect it like that, as in past summers the heat never fazed it.  While I was gone, my favorite boy toy moved the herbs to stain the deck and discovered that the planter was loaded with ants.  By the time, I got back, it looked like the picture below.

I’ve decided to call it quits on the spearmint for this year.  I’d cut back the peppermint severely twice as it never grew back in very well from last year.  It’s now growing gangbusters and I have plenty to give away as well as take to work.  I like the spearmint better, but I don’t really need both for the rest of this season.

It’s been disappointing.  The tomatoes are producing, but not well.  The ends are either rotted or something(s) is eating them – we think both the birds and the squirrels.  It’s too high for the miniature pinscher who got caught last year helping himself to the ripe tomatoes.  The peppers gave one burst of fruits and no more, although there are more blossoms.  The chard is full of holes.  Now the spearmint is dead.

I like the idea of a garden for self-sufficiency as well as knowing that I’m not using much chemicals.  But I’m not sure it’s worth the work and effort.  It’s certainly not producing enough to feed us for the summer, let alone a whole year.

Here are pictures of the mint from June and from last week.

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