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I love to browse through my pictures, especially the old ones.  There are so many fond memories there, of places I’ve been to and people I have known.  This fall I’d like to begin scanning the old photos again to have more of the old ones available to me.

Here’s my maternal grandmother on her wedding day.  Her sister-in-law was the maid of honor, the other gentleman was a friend.  Her head piece, dress and flowers are just beautiful.  This is a photo that is worth additional work. . . one of these days.  For now, it is enough that I have it digitized.

Word for tomorrow – WHOLE.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.


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    • They weren’t rich people, but my natural grandfather was older than her and wanted a lavish wedding.  That headpiece is truly incredible – my Mom had it for years until it as ruined in a roof leak. 

    • I am very blessed to have them and in such good shape too.  One of these days I hope to improve them more with Photoshop, but for now I’m happy to have been given so many of them. 

  1. Absolutely breathtaking…vintage black and whites are my favoritie…or even sepia tone ones. Encourages me to dig through my trunk of old photos, although I’ve none as old as this.

    simply beautiful! :)

  2. I too love vintage family pictures. And scanning them is smart, regardless of the condition your prints.

    My brother had many family photos, plus all the negatives & slides (remember when people did slide shows – and artists documented their work on slides ?). They all went up in flames with everything else he owned (but he was able to save his cats). My sister & I went through our collections to give him whatever we had, but it was a small percent of what was lost..

    • How unfortunate for him to lose them all!  I didn’t scan anywhere near as much as I wanted, but when I put that 100+year album together for my sister, I got the best ones scanned and in there.  What I have done is backed up with Carbonite so it’s offsite. 

    • Thanks for stopping by and for subscribing to my blog!

      I love these old photos also and am glad I have so many of them. They are so cool to look through.

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