Waffling On My Blog & The Game Of Life


I’m waffling on whether or not to rename my blog.  My favorite boy toy and I did some brainstorming on the weekend and came up with one really good idea, but it doesn’t quite fit the theme of my blog.

I did recently shorten the name to say only “My Life In Photos”.  I removed the 365 Challenge from the title as I felt it was not really needed.

So – do any of you have any suggestions?  The focus of my blog is to share my life, through stories and photos as well as to record my thoughts on living the game of life.

Did you ever play the Game Of Life?  It was a popular board game at one time, manufactured by Milton Bradley.  You rolled the dice, took cards, and coped as best you could with random events that could make you rich or leave you broke.  The little cars had room for six pegs – i.e., people – so if you had more than four kids, the instructions told you to make do, just like you would in real life.  Usually that meant laying a peg on its side and wedging it between the pegs who stood upright in the holes.

You really have little control over the game – education, family support, all the normal things that may help us have a good life are absent from this game.  But it has value too.  Life can feel random at times and we have to suck it up, cope and move on.  I believe in God and that he has a plan for my life, but He is also not a magic wand that makes it all wonderful.

LeRoy Dean, in his blog Wordsmith’s Desk, writes profoundly about his faith.  He also shares his grief about missing his wife and son, both of whom died before their time.  He’s had to cope, whether he wanted to or not.  Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl writes about losing her place to live, only to land at a wonderful place where her and her husband are caretakers.  At the other end, Kate at Pages from my Crazy Life, has just moved into her brand new, built from scratch home.  She is over the top excited about it.

Hugmamma and her daughter recently dealt with bedbugs in her daughter’s apartment and the whole mess of resolving that.  My friend Chris at My Simple Inspiration got freshly pressed a few weeks back and had 14,000 hits over that weekend on his blog (we know each other at work and had no idea either of us blogged until I poked around his blog and saw his picture).  Christine at Random Thoughts From Midlife writes eloquently about her parents raising a her handicapped sister (Christine – when did you change the name of your blog???).

I follow many blogs and could go on and on with the things, good and bad, that people cope with and write about.  I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you – there are so many wonderful stories out there and I do not  mean to offend anyone.  I’ve actually cut back my book reading because I enjoy following blogs with their real stories and real lives.

So I got a bit off the topic, but the point I’m making is that we all have a story to tell and often, that story creates value in the life of another.  That is the purpose behind my blog – to create value in your life.  It can happen in so many ways – you might clarify your thoughts around something, you might identify with what I wrote and realize that you’re not the only one, you  might be moved to action because I showed you the way.

So – back to my question – any ideas on what I should name it or should I just leave it as it is?

As for me, I plan to spend this weekend rocking on the front of my daughter’s porch while my favorite boy toy and the pups hold down the fort at home.

Word for tomorrow – TOUGH.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.