Shaped Bubbles

One of the coolest toys for my nephew and daughter was the year she got this giant bubble maker for a birthday present.  The shaped bubbles were the greatest fun to watch, like this one that my nephew stretched waaaaaaay out.

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  1. Bubbles were such a treat when I was a child. We were poor, so buying a bottle of bubbles was a big deal…and we absolutely loved playing with them for as long as the liquid lasted. Lots of money doesn’t always buy a good time. :)

    • Our daughter failed to realize that money didn't buy happiness until she was much much older.  They're still a treat, no matter what age you are.  If you ever go to Cracker Barrel, buy yourself a bubble gun.  They are so cool with the long stream of bubbles that come out of them!

    • If we hadn't been so tired that night, my sister and I would have taken it for a spin after the kids went to bed.  We never did stay up late enough to play with it. . . darn!  If I get another one, you'll be the first I call :)

    • It took my nephew a few tries to get the hang of it, but he loved it.  And yeah, I didn't have cool stuff like that either.  My sister and I were quite envious of my daughter getting that as a present.  

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