Easiest Way? Go Through

When you’re a beagle, what’s the easiest way to get from one side of the yard to the other?  You go through the garden.  Not around, not avoiding the squash vines, but right on through.

I don’t think he’s causing any damage – at least no more than the heat is – but each time those vines start shaking, I think that maybe next year I need something that grows bushy instead.

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  1. Ha! I love how he disappears into the garden and then reappears! Great sequence. I have young children and two dogs, so the selection of plants for my landscape design will be hugely influenced by kid- and animal-friendly foliage.

    1. Thanks for the compliment!  I was just snapping away – when I looked at it later, I was impressed at how well it turned out.  It was like your blog post #72 – you just know it’s a good photo (or in this case, series of photos).    He sure does disappear into the foliage doesn’t he?  Did you see how I taped up the garden to keep them out when it was newly planted?  I’m not sure I can ever plant anything that is dog proof enough LOL!   http://dogear6.com/2011/05/28/never-let-the-dogs-in-the-garden/  

  2. I put a sturdy tomato cage or a metal trellis next to my squash & cucumber plants & as they start growing I train them to go upward. I have not done this with anything that grows really big — it fact with zucchini it helps me see & pick them before they can become too large.

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