Polishing Not Needed Here

I’m a good housekeeper, but simple is better for my lifestyle.  As a result, I don’t spend much time polishing anything, whether it be silver, furniture or shoes.  Actually, I don’t own things that need polishing since I know I won’t do it.  A good example of this are my Farberware pots – durable, sturdy, machine washable, and rather pretty as they finish drying in the sink rack.

Word for tomorrow – EASIEST.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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I am a backyard adventurer, philosopher and observer, recording my life in journals and photographs. Visit my blog at www.livingtheseasons.com or write me at dogear6 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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    • It was a great suggestion!��Besides, what was the worst that could happen – I didn't agree?��I already practice that with my husband, who is (roll the drums) a professional photographer.��I've become much more gracious about accepting his suggestions and he's become more diplomatic about accepting that my documenting my life is not about creating fine art photography.��

      Black & white would have never occurred to him to suggest in any event.��

  1. If I might offer my humble opinion: the photo would look great in black and white, bring up the contrast, crop to exclude the whole thing. Leave some abstract portion of it by getting in close (or enlarging and cropping), and you would really deliver on the metal. Cheers! :)

    • Great suggestions.  I had puzzled over it a bit trying to figure out how to play with it but no real ideas yet, other than just putting it into Topaz and playing with it.  THANKS!  

  2. Even in the photo, your things look as though they’d been polished to a sheen…a low one, not a high one. I prefer matte myself. My point is…

    spic and span…clean. ;)

    • That's the great thing about Farberware – even after 30+ years of use they still look good.  Plus the lighting was just right, which is why it appealed to me for my daily photo.  

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