Permanent In My Hair Was Only Okay

It’s always funny to look back at the different hairstyles I’ve worn – some are pretty good, some are okay, and others are pretty funny.  When my Mom turned 70, my sister and I worked together on a photo album for her.  One of the things we did was all her hairstyles over the year.  We all had a good laugh at those pages for the same reason.

I have worn my hair short most of my life – it’s so thick, coarse & wavy so it’s hard to fix up and maintain.  It takes forever to dry too.  Short hair goes poof! like a dandelion and then I’m done.  I don’t even dry it.  It was hard over the years though to stick with short hair when everyone was doing perms or bobs or long layered cuts or big hair.

But here I am with long hair for Christmas over 20 years ago.  My sister convinced me to try a permanent, and it didn’t look bad for a while.  I did it several times, then cut it all off again.

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  1. It looks good here. I have the opposite problem-hair that is too fine and limp. I would have traded for yours in a heartbeat.

  2. I could not wait to turn 16 for two reasons: 1- I could get my ears pierced, & 2- I could get my straight fine hair permed. I kept my hair permed until my late 40s. I have never managed to grow my hair to shoulder length permed or natural so envy you long hair in the photo you posted.

    • I do have beautiful hair – thank you – but it is really unruly and difficult to manage.  I can’t believe you got a perm for all those years – I am soooo not that patient.

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