Trading Places Was Not For Me


My sister and I have enjoyed a close relationship for our entire life.  As we started our families, I was a working mother, she was a stay-at-home mother.  I didn’t particularly want to work, but I had significantly higher earnings than my favorite boy toy.  She loved staying at home with her children, something she wanted for many years.  It truly fulfilled her.

We were always puzzled at the rancor and hostilities between working mothers and those who stayed home.  We never entertained thoughts about trading places – both of us were happy, it worked for us, and we never felt that one way or the other was a right answer.  It was simply a different answer for living our own lives.

One of the great joys in my life was my child visiting my sister and brother-in-law each year as she was growing up.  She’d go for several weeks at a time and got to enjoy having a real stay-at-home mother versus her stay-at-home father.  She became one of my sister’s children for a short period – the oldest daughter – going to swimming lessons, vacation bible school, and the park.

I often took a week of my precious vacation to see my sister and her family and spend time with my daughter while having fun.  I didn’t do Disney World or the Wisconsin Dells – I went to my sister.  I have so many good pictures from those years, but here is one of my sister with her son and my daughter (my niece was not yet born).  I don’t remember now, but I think the tooth fairy did have to make a visit to my sister’s house that summer.

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