Resistance Is Futile

My favorite boy toy and I love watching science fiction, especially Dr. Who and Star Trek – all of them.  Can anyone say “the trouble with tribbles“?

There are so many favorite phrases.  From the Borg in Star Trek, The Next Generation came “resistance is futile – you will be assimilated”.  The Dalek’s on Dr. Who did “exterminate, exterminate” and  The Terminator used “I’ll be back”.

For the most part, my favorite boy toy and I spend New Year’s Eve’s staying in and watching whatever marathon is running.  We started this before our daughter was born.  She was about four years old the year the marathon was all the old Terminator movies.  I insisted she would have nightmares later, she said no and her Dad sided with her.  I finally relented and let her stay up.

She didn’t tell me until years later that yes, she was up all night long with nightmares.  Mom was right!

I don’t have any pictures scanned from that year, but this one is close.  She’s celebrating her fifth birthday with her cousin, who is sporting two black eyes after bouncing on a bed they weren’t supposed to be on.  He flew up and hit a bedpost, just hours after she’d arrived to visit for a few weeks.

Word for tomorrow – WEARY.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

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  1. I love Star Trek. It was my oldest son’s favorite and he brought me along with him. Next Generation was my favorite. I never really followed it much after that. I think my son liked Deep Space Nine? Not sure if I got that right.

    Good show.

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