Consecutive Photos For Context

I’ve been enjoying doing a 365 photo challenge this year.  Not every day has a great picture, but many are very acceptable.

Both now and previous to the challenge, I enjoyed take consecutive shots.  When I look back at the sequence, a story unfolds in a way that a single photo could not do.

Take, for example, not feeding the dogs at the table.  These consecutive photos prove conclusively that my favorite boy toy would NEVER EVER feed the dogs any scraps from his plate.  Do notice how he’s laughing in the one where he’s sitting back up, as well as the smacky lips going on in another photo (the dogs, not my boy toy).

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Word for tomorrow – HAPPY.  If you prefer to work ahead, see the list for the week under “A Word A Day”.

To see how others might interpret today’s randomly selected word, check out other challenge participants in the box at the right.  For more information on participating in the challenge, click  the tab marked “challenge invitation”.


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  1. Wow, awesome!!! Can you teach me your photographic trickery???

    am totally impressed…and I didn’t even notice that hubby wasn’t feeding the dogs from his plate…ha, ha. :)

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