Scale Says I’m Fat


For those of you know me, you’re going – really?  This is a news flash how?  For those who have not met me, I am yes – pretty darn fat.  Getting on the scale is no fun and it never was.

This is not a new problem in my life.  I was so fat as a baby, I didn’t sit up for a long time because my diapers rolled me right over to the other side.  In grade school, I shopped in the chubby clothes, which did not have anything nice or cool to choose from.  I’ve gotten my weight down from time to time, but usually only with doing something pretty drastic, such as a medically supervised fast.  It made me so sick that I’m surprised it didn’t leave me with permanent health problems.

I learned a long time ago to be comfortable with how I look.  I’d rather be thinner, even by a little, but I’m also not going to wait to live my life until I lose weight.  For the most part, I have no real physical limitations due to my weight.  I wouldn’t want to run a marathon, but I did at one time in my life ride my bike on a metric century.  I’ve done a lot of hiking.  I’m still physically active, although not to that extent anymore.

I am particular about my hygiene and clothing choices.  While I’m not fancy about it, I do make efforts to fix my hair nicely and wear some make-up and jewelry.  So while I’d rather not be so heavy, I’m also not ashamed of it.

Everyone has something to be ashamed of.  Mine can be seen and is more obvious.  But I don’t let it run or ruin my life.  I work around it like any other problem that isn’t easily solved and take care of myself as best as I can.

I don’t have tons of super skinny shots, but here’s one from my high school graduation.  The girl with the long brown hair is my sister.

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