Well Water Is the Pits

Growing up and living in rural areas means having well water.  I know there are places with good tasting and safe to drink well water, but I didn’t have that.

My childhood home had water that stunk like rotten eggs – yep, sulfur – and was so mineral laden is could ruin any appliance or shower head in a fairly short time.  When our daugher was little, my favorite boy toy and myself moved to a far, far western suburb.  The well water was generally brakish, especially in the summer.  We had some problems with clothes getting ruined and for sure we had trouble with the washing machine itself getting ruined.  We invested in water treatment, which helped, but not enough.

After we moved away, I really tried to avoid having well water if possible.  We had it one more time – it was a single spigot in a house hooked up to city water.  That well water wasn’t even safe to drink because it was so full of nitrates.  We used it to water the lawn and nothing else.

Here’s a picture of my childhood home.  The deep snow was fairly common then.  The tree to the left was really that tall too.  In the summer, my sister and I walked down to the road to get the mail, then sat under the tree to read any magazines that we got, especially Children’s Highlights.  Later we’d bring the mail up the rest of the way to house.  In an earlier post, I showed some pictures of the inside of the house and told how scary it could get.

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Family Home

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  1. We had high level sulfur water for a number of years when we first build our house. I totally understand your aversion to well water. Just the sulfur in the air ate up the refrigerator coils. It was nasty and such a joy when city water finally came through. :)

    • I remembered that and thought about putting it into my post.  But I ran out of time and patience.  You were so happy when you finally got city water!

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