Witch For Halloween


My sister and I did not go trick & treating very often.  We lived in a fairly rural area with no close neighbors and my mother wasn’t very keen on us eating a bunch of candy, let alone from a stranger.  There were just enough occurrences of poisoning and tampering every year to make her decide not to do Halloween.

One year she relented and we went trick & treating with our cousin in her suburb.  It was fun!  Her Dad and mine were brothers.  They enjoyed visiting with each other, walking with us, and the occasional jumping from behind a tree to scare us.

My sister had a cow costume, mine was to be a Chinaman.  My cousin was a witch.  She was quite petite then and still is now.  The hat made her quite a bit taller for a few hours.  I’m not sure if she enjoyed having us with her or not, although her brothers were old enough to go by themselves and it’s doubtful they would have wanted her with them.   After all, she was the little sister.

This is the only picture I have from that evening.  It wasn’t until I lightened it that I even realized my cousin was there between my sister and I.  The flash reflection is from the front of her face – we were standing in front of a window and one of our Dad’s took the picture from outside the house.  I keep it because it’s a memory of a fun evening.

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