Wanting Versus Needing

As I’ve worked this year on having more gratitude, I’m finding that my prayers need some work also.  This is especially true if I’ve gotten overly whiney with “I want this, I want that”.  Wanting does serve a purpose – it points me to praying for what I need.

One of my big prayers earlier this year was “I want to work less hours, I want to retire, I want to quit”.  Never mind that I can’t afford it!  I want, I want, I want.  Upon reflection though, my prayers changed to “I need more time”.  That was what I was asking for – more time.

I talked it over with my favorite boy toy and we made some changes.  If we want to do more exploring on the weekends, I cannot be tied up with shopping, cooking, and things like that.  So he has taken that over for me.  I wanted to write more, but what I needed was to express myself.  I started this blog, became more diligent in my photography, and got up early more regularly to write before work.

Wanting is not so bad, but in the end the question is, what am I needing?

I felt this picture conveyed my thoughts the best – I want the big blue sky of everything, but what I need is actually down quite a bit lower.

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    • Thanks Jane!  It really bugs me when I pray “I want this, I want that”, but I’ve gotten more patient with realizing that what I need is to redirect the prayer for what my needs really are.

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