Week of Vacation – So Much Fun!

I was on vacation last week and did I ever have fun!  I felt like I did it all – read a lot books, stayed home, went away, relaxed, and worked hard.  I went back to work this week feeling refreshed and like I’d had a good break from it all.

Here are some of my daily photos and what I did for my week off:

Saturday – I was so tired from work and it was pretty nice outside.  My favorite boy toy was out of town, so I had the house to myself.  I read all day and all night and did very little of anything else except let the dogs entertain me.

Sunday – I did a lot of errands, including a supply ship run to Target.  I hadn’t been there for quite some time and did all kinds of stocking up.  As a treat, I went out for lunch to the mall, then did a little more shopping there too.  After that, I went home, cleaned the house, and then took a good nap.

Monday – I went to the botanical gardens for a walk and to take pictures.  The irises were in full bloom and were so pretty, but as I finished up the sun was too hot and harsh.  A few pictures washed out in the last batch, but overall I was pleased.

Tuesday – The first bloom opened up on the trumpet vine today.  My favorite boy toy and I spent the early part of the day doing some chores and debating whether we wanted to go away for a few days.  We had to be careful not to go too far though – he was on call for jury duty, so each night he had to check in whether he had to show up the next day or not (he never did get called in).  We finally decided to go and took off.

Wednesday – Spent the day in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania touring the museum, house and studio of N.C., Andrew & Jamie Wyeth.   We also drove around back roads just sightseeing.  This is the studio that N.C. worked in.  From the inside looking out, you see a view of green – trees, lawn, shrubs – as far as you can see.

Thursday – Said goodbye to our hosts at the Pennsbury Inn, Cheryl & Chip Grono.  Our room was clean and quiet, the inn decorated to the teeth with all kinds of knick-knacks and antiques, and the grounds were just gorgeous!  We were so happy that we splurged to stay there instead of a chain hotel.  It truly made our trip memorable.  And Chip made us a great breakfast both days.  I didn’t actually try out the hammock as I was having too much fun taking pictures in their huge backyard.

Friday – More reading outside as my favorite boy toy tried to get a few things done before going to help the child move.  Watched the crocodile watching me.

Saturday – The favorite boy toy left for Atlanta.  I had such high energy – worked on the garden & yard, read for a while, then went to the botanical garden.  The irises are already nearly done.  I’d not been there before for the late afternoon sun and enjoyed seeing things with the warm yellow afternoon glow.

Sunday – Weather turned cool, rainy and very humid.  Spent the day doing errands – Target, Home Depot, Kroger, Barnes & Noble and so on.  Put it all away, did a lot of cooking, and admired how big the garden was getting.  I went to bed so very happy at a good week.

And that was my week of vacation!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. No guilt for going away & not getting things done at home but no disappointment of being stuck at home all week & not getting away. Perfect balance.

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