Husband For All These Years

In my post as to why I don’t miss film, I mentioned that my wedding pictures were turning into sepia due to the colors fading.  I still love them and I love my favorite boy toy even more.  We’ve been married way longer than we haven’t been married.

Here we are, young and happy.  We’re not quite so young, but we’re still happy together.  We have one fantastic collaborative project who currently lives out of state and wraps her Dad around her little finger all the time.  We’ve lived out most everything in our wedding vows – richer & poorer, in sickness & in health and so on.  Most of all, we’ve been companions to each other, sounding boards, cheering each other on for good and for bad (but the mischief is so much fun).  He’s a good husband – even does dishes!

I did Photoshop this which got the color somewhat adjusted and improved.  That little color cast eyedropper worked very well.

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