Result? Becoming An Eagle Scout

My father became an Eagle Scout when he was 14 years old.  As part of the work towards this, he had to buy the ingredients for and cook a meal over a campfire for his troop.  I actually have the ingredient list in his handwriting, as well as the note he wrote the troop leader verifying that he bought these ingredients himself and did the cooking himself.  I don’t know the result of the stew – it was probably at least edible based on the ingredient list – but the result of his work and diligence was to be awarded the Eagle Scout designation.

In other words, my grandmother did not help him do it.  I understand from a current troop leader that this is still a requirement for the Eagle Scouts.  I think it’s a good one – cooking basic meals are a good skill for anyone to have, man or woman.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but as with anything in life, practice helps mastery of the skill.

I love this picture of my father getting his Eagle Scout.  The board around him and my grandmother (on the right) is a bit tacky, but the values are still great for today.

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