Health Of A Baby


My hairdresser will be having her first child shortly.  She was upset to find out that it is likely to be by C-Section, as the baby is breech in such a way that it cannot be turned around.  I know from my own experience that it’s hard to wrap your head around this being necessary for your health and the health of the baby.

I was upset also after having a long labor and delivery to end up with a C-Section.  My maternal grandmother came by a few days later to see her great-grandchild and said, “Oh, I wish they’d had something like that when I had my baby.  She wouldn’t have died.”  Okayyyyy. . . after I picked up my jaw from the floor, I asked for the story and found out that my mother was not in fact the oldest.  My grandmother had a full-term baby die during delivery (about 1931) because the baby was just too big to be delivered.

How terrible – to go through all those hours of work and effort and have to stay in labor to have a dead baby!  It really put everything in perspective for me that I came home in good health as did my baby all those years ago.  Having a C-Section was just a blip in the bigger game of life.

I was also dismayed to have had such a big baby – that did not run in my husband’s side, nor with my mother or my paternal grandmother.  It turned out I didn’t ask the right grandmother about that – my maternal grandmother, barely 5 foot tall, had all big babies.  She went on to have two more children, both of whom lived, giving her the children she wanted so badly.

Here’s my grandmother nearly thirty years ago holding her great-grandchild.

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