Briefly They Touch Our Lives

The other day, I used the random word “intense” to describe the kitten at play. One of my fellow bloggers, Random Thoughts From Midlife, asked where the kitten went to when I said he was gone.  I realize that I was not very clear in my post.

The kitten died last year, at the age of nine from kidney failure. In hindsight, he’d been in failing health for a while, but by the time I realized it, he was too far gone. I had three Siamese cats once upon a time, now I have none.

I loved my Siamese cats, but they were cunning, manipulative, extremely vocal, and loved me fiercely, to the point that they made is clear my favorite boy toy was really not wanted in their world. All three were smart to a fault.  If we locked things up, they dug them out, from opening up drawers and doors to unzipping duffle bags.  Nothing was safe from their devious little minds.

As an adult, when my first cat died, I was devastated. I thought it was the end of the world. It took a while before I adopted another one. I thought long and hard about it before realizing that I could love again, the new pet would not be the same as the old pet, and that loss was inevitable.

They touch our lives briefly, then they are gone. Already the three dogs are gray. Each has health issues, although nothing life threatening (as yet). I will miss them too when they are gone. But life will go on and I will love again.

Before this gets too weepy, here is today’s picture. It shows what happens when it’s hot and humid out and the morning gets spent racing wildly around the yard, barking at everything and everyone. Your momma eventually comes to check to see if your are dead or merely appear to be dead.

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  1. You are so right they do briefly touch out lives – in such amazing ways. I lost my cat awhile back and there are still times when I expect to see or hear him. They definitely play major roles in our lives! I’m sorry for your loss.

    • Cat #2 was dead about a year when we started calling him for supper again. My husband and I were mortified, but we couldn’t seem to stop doing it. It went for about a week before we stopped calling him. I don’t know why we started doing that – it was weird, but we did miss him.

  2. P.S. I’m also sorry to hear about your cat and about Christine’s dog. My little one (physically) is getting older and I value every moment with her, as I know how much I’ll miss her when she’s gone. Gosh, they bring so much to us, don’t they? I grew up with dogs and I think I was well into my 40s before it dawned on me that we’re two different species. I guess I just thought of them as slightly different people, but then it occurred to me how amazing it is that creatures of different species can relate to one another so deeply.

    • Thanks for the lovely comments. They really do bring a lot to our lives, which is why we all tolerate the messes and chaos that comes with them. And I know my dogs (and the cats too) are equally attached to us too.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m sorry about your cat. It was beautiful. We lost our first dog Honey suddenly from a neck problem after about nine years. She was a sweetheart and we were all devastated. After only a few days I knew I needed to get another dog. Arthur is no Honey. But we love the little monster.

    • No problem – sorry I didn’t have time to reply to your note. It’s really hard when they die suddenly. Arthur is sure a character – I love reading about his exploits.

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