Alpha Male in Kansas City

One of the most alpha males in history is honored in Kansas City, Missouri at the Country Club PlazaSir Winston Churchill, along with his wife, Lady Clementine.  Their love is immortalized here, which is rather unusual considering his many more publicized accomplishments as a statesman and politician.   

It surprised me to see this in Kansas City – it wasn’t like the town had a particular connection to the Churchill’s or to England.  I was glad my sister took this picture during our visit there though – a reminder of the side of this great man that is seldom talked about.

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  1. I’ll have to look for those notes. I had no idea how fond he was of her until I researched the story behind this sculpture.


  2. I’m so happy to see this photo. I’ve been to Chartwell, where Winston & Clementine spend a good part of their lives and other Churchill related sites. I have heard scholars say that with all of Winston’s achievements he still felt that getting Clementine to marry him was his biggest accomplishment of all. And if you look up his little notes to her, often with drawings at the end, you’ll find yourself thinking of elementary school kids passing love notes.

    If I ever, for some reason, find myself in Kansas City, MO, I’m going to make sure to see this statue.

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