Brother Comes Later in Life


I grew up with a sister.  One only, who likes to remind me that she is YOUNGER than I am. 

But after I was married for five years, my father married a wonderful woman who was only a few years older than myself and had a second family.  I don’t visit as often as I should, but I three wonderful half-siblings, brother #1, brother #2, and another sister. 

It’s fun comparing notes about my Dad – like his habit of having to run through a list of names before he figures out which one you are.  With me, he usually starts with my aunt’s name (his sister).  With my half-sister, he usually starts with my name.  His technology impairment is another source of inside jokes. 

When I visit, we enjoy catching up and making more family stories together.

Here’s a picture brother #1 & brother #2 (a few years back) at a birthday party for one of my nephews:

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